About Us

Who we are?

‘’The Egyptian company for trade and supplies’’ A Market Leader Clothing company, established in 2003 that specialize in designing and supplying high-end and distinctive clothing with a commitment to social responsibilities and customer satisfaction.

What we do?

‘’ZD’’ A Fashion Brand Under the supervision of The Egyptian Company for Trade and supplies. ECTS, That serve the Egyptian Market with the latest fashion designs and trends, Using the over 20 years of experience in manufacturing industry to produce high-end quality to our customers.

How we do it?

At ZD, We use the attest technologies in the production of clothing, which help to improve the quality of our products and satisfy our customers with high quality materials and manufacturing techniques, Also Using Marketing and Advertising methods to reach and communicate with our customers, as we offer high quality of After-sale Services to ensure that our customers satisfied with our products without any possible complains.

Who we do it with?

The Egyptian Company for Trade and Supplies (ECTS) has a track record that makes it one of the largest companies with a history of successful work in supplying uniforms and fabrics to the largest government companies, hospitals, and hotels. It adheres to global standards of manufacturing and has a proven history of exporting outside the Egyptian market.

What is next?

The company looks forward to the future by achieving its ambitious vision and goals through investing in modern technologies, expanding its scope of work, and providing innovative and unique products. The company is committed to its social and environmental responsibilities and achieving sustainability in its daily operations. To contact the Egyptian Company for Trade and Supplies or to learn more about its products and services, you can contact us at the address and phone number provided below.


Contact Us

Phone number: 01116333076

Address: St.18,Mokattma,Cairo,Egypt

E-Mail: zdwearr@gmail.com

Website: www.zdwear.com